11. Mai 2021

Bad Aibling Kur & Tourismus jetzt 24/7

The AIB-KUR Gesellschaft für Kur & Tourismus Bad Aibling mbH & Co. KG is the central contact for visitors and spa guests in Bad Aibling.

At the spa administration in the Haus des Gastes, the company uses a portal that provides guests with extensive information about the region (sights, hotel directory, gastronomy, shopping,etc.) This is mainly operated as an app.

The central contact point in the Haus des Gastes enjoys great popularity. In order to make the service available outside opening hours, a terminal was integrated into the glass façade. The data from the existing app is displayed here around the clock and kept interactively available. The interested guest is able to call up the desired information by himself.

Our assignment included advising the client, developing a complete system including graphics, planning, supplying most of the components and installing and commissioning the system.

The system consists of:

  • a masked glass panel with customised graphics,
  • a touch foil (PCAP, behind glas)
  • a playback computer (android-based) and connection to a central content management system (CMS)
  • a professional 32" display

The monitor is mounted behind a graphically designed pane. The touch foil is laminated on the inside of the glass and works through it. There are no installation elements outside, making the system absolutely vandal-proof.
The playback computer and the display are covered on the back. All connections are concealed.

The content is delivered via the customer's WLAN. Maintenance is carried out by a service provider of the customer.

Bad Aibling interaktives Terminal Kurverwaltung Totale

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