Digital Signage am POS oder POI

Digital display systems offer many possibilities.
– Can be played centrally
– Time-controlled content management
– always up-to-date
– modern and flexible

wide reach and

400% more attention

Who wouldn't want that?
A three-months intel study just found that (compared to static ads).

Je nach Anwendungszenario ergeben sich unterschiedliche Vorteile und Schwerpunkte.
Technically, the principle is mostly the same.

We will be happy to work with you developing the solution that exactly meets your requirements. No matter if you “just” need a recommendation for a suitable system, want to have it set up or run and/or would like to have support with continuous content creation.

We'll do it. Take a look at our service portfoliofor a first idea.

Advantages through
Digital signage

  • create once, use multiple times
  • central hosting possible
  • frequent display changes
  • quick adaptations
  • multiple content can be displayed in parallel
  • mixing different conctent (information and ads)
  • modern, professional image
  • high acceptance, wide reach
  • customer-centered address
  • independant from opening hours
  • saving resources (especially printed media)


  • point of sale
    • store window
    • display cabinets
    • menu ads
  • Point of interest
    • information displays
    • sign posts
    • information steles
  • Edu- and entertainment
    • interactive exhibits
    • product presentations


  • consulting
  • concept
  • planning
  • hardware
  • software
  • installation
  • operation& maintenance
  • contentcretion
  • financing


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