Infrarotrahmen (IR-Touch)

Do you want to upgrade an existing display, a video wall or an LED installation touch-actively?
This sturdy frame is just the right solution!

The frames are configured custom-fit for the display and match perfectly with the design.
They can also be used as a protective frame without touch functionality.
The complete system consists of a powdered black frame, a protective glass pane (ESG) and the sensors.
It is attached to the display and connected to the playback computer via USB.

When upgrading large-scale installations (mostly video or LED walls), the IR frame is perfectly adapted to the size of the installation.
Additional panes to protect the installation are possible.

We are happy to support you with our service portfolio during project planning.


  • Dual and multi-touch (up to max. 40-times)
  • Size: up to approx. 800″ in various formats
  • USB connection
  • System support:
    • HID (according to system), TUIO
    • Drivers for Windows 7 and higher, Linux, Mac and Android
  • Technology: infrared


  • Touch attractions with displays
  • Use of already existing displays
  • Upgrading of already existing installations
  • Enhancement of already non-interactiv products


  • Point of sale (Productinformation, showcases)
  • Infotainment (digital signage, steles and kiosk systems)
  • Edutainment (Museen, Science-Center)
  • Entertainment (events, trade fairs, roadshows, product presentations)
  • Industry and business (human interface for controls, terminals)


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