PCAP-Touchfolien ermöglichen Interaktivität an vielen Oberflächen

Are you looking for an interactive technology for transparent surfaces?

Our touch foils are the solution for interactions on different surfaces.
They function through glass, among other things, which is why no outside installations are necessary.

Availability and function

Our range includes films from various manufacturers with diagonals from 5″ to 100″ in single-, dual- and multitouch.

The function of the foils is projected capacitive (PCAP). A field is built up through the carrier medium (usually glass). This makes the installation extremely vandalism-proof - there are no installation elements in the user's area.
The user only comes into direct contact with the carrier medium (e.g. glass).

Types of use

The very lightweight films can be applied directly to glass, plexiglas and other surfaces.
Content can be displayed with monitors or projections behind it.
Our foils can be installed fix as well as easily detachable.

Alternatively, you can also get the film as a finished screen.
We professionally laminate the film onto a carrier material (glass, plexi, etc.)

The touch foil is suitable both for upgrading existing non-touch installations and for new, impressive as well as interactive attractions.


  • Function: Single-, dual- or multitouch
  • Number of touchpoints: 1, 2, 10, 40, 80, 100
  • Size: up to 100" in one piece
  • A combination of several foils is possible (e.g. for video walls or surfaces >100″)
  • Formats: all standard sizes in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 or according to customer-specific request
  • Interface possible on short or long side
  • System support:
    • HID
    • Windows 7 – Gesture control
    • Windows 8 and higher - native
    • Android, Chrome, OS
    • Mac OS X and Linux (with restrictions)
    • TUIO
  • Technology: projected-capacitive
  • Response time: up to 5ms (depending on material thickness)
  • palm rejection against unintentional operation


  • Touch attractions on transparent surfaces
  • Use with projections and displays
  • Upgrading of already existing shop window installations
  • Enhancement of already non-interactive products


  • Point of sale (shopwindows, showcases)
  • Infotainment (digital signage, steles, kiosk systems)
  • Edutainment (Museums, science-center, libraries)
  • Entertainment (events, trade fairs, roadshows, product presentations)
  • Industry and business (human interface for controls, terminals)

Not sure, if this technology is right for your challenge?
We have a great deal of know-how thanks to numerous implemented projects and, as part of our extensive service portfolio, we are also happy to help you. Feel free to contact us. Anfangs entstehen dabei auch noch keine Kosten.


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