You are looking for a technology that makes transparent and other surfaces interactive?

Our touch sensors are based on the touch foils, which are also offered without glass. We also offer these already finished, professionally laminated on glass.

Our range includes different films from various manufacturers with diagonals from 5″ to 100″ in single-, dual- and multitouch.
This enables us to offer glasses of all possible sizes and thicknesses.

The function of the foils is projected capacitive (PCAP), i.e. a field is built up through the carrier glass.
This makes the installation extremely vandalism-proof, as there are no installation elements in the user's area. The user only comes into direct contact with the carrier medium (here: the glass).


The technical data correspond to the technical data of our films.

The glass specifications depend on your requirements. We are flexible in size and thickness.


  • Touch attractions on transparent surfaces
  • Use with projections and displays
  • Upgrading of already existing shop window installations
  • Enhancement of already non-interactiv products


  • Point of sale (shopwindows, showcases)
  • Infotainment (digital signage, steles, kiosk systems)
  • Edutainment (Museums, science-center, libraries)
  • Entertainment (events, trade fairs, roadshows, product presentations)
  • Industry and business (human interface for controls, terminals)


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