Durchsichtiges Display mit Touch

Transparent OLEDs are the ideal displays - they allow real objects and digital media to merge.

Our solution goes one step further and makes digital content interactive.
The best display available on the market right now is combined with the most advanced PCAP touch technology. Both subsystems are ideally matched. They were adapted to each other in the in-house engineering process.

TheRadiant Touchis fully developed, has been used in projects and is supplied as a ready-to-use kit.
It comes without any additional frames and glasses.
Thus the aesthetics of the original display preserve completely

Technical data display

  • transparent OLED panel by LG
  • 55″, 16:9, FullHD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels)
  • Transparency (typ.) - 38
  • Luminance - 400 cd/m² (360 cd/m² with sensor)
  • Viewing angle - 178° x 178°
  • Response time - 8 ms (MPRT)
  • Power supply - 100 - 240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Inputa – HDMI, DP
  • additionally – RS232 in/out, RJ45 (LAN) in/out, IR

Technische data touch

  • Multitouch with up to 80 touches
  • Touch Controller integrated in the mounting frame
  • Leading PCAP technology (MPCT™)
  • HID
  • powersupply via USB

areas of application

  • Point of sale (shopwindows, showcases)
  • Infotainment (digital signage, steles, kiosk systems)
  • Edutainment (Museums, science-center, libraries)
  • Entertainment (events, trade fairs, roadshows, product presentations)
  • Industry and business (human interface for controls, terminals)


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