The image design of your event is in the best hands with us.

We set up projection screens for you in all sizes, on a small or large scale.

We design your content with the most modern projectors and displays. We put together the right hardware for you and ensure that your images reach, convince and move your customers with elegant solutions.

Modern HD and 4K technology, from the presentation module to the signal processing/distribution, guarantees loss-free and high-resolution signals on your presentation surfaces.

In addition, we offer you professional support in the creating the content as well as technical expertise for stage technology, sound and lighting.

Presentation options

  • Large image projections on screens, glass surfaces, trade fair surfaces, fabrics
  • LED walls of different sizes and formats
  • Seamless walls of different sizes and formats
  • Displays of all sizes (up to 100")
  • Projektion mapping 3D projektion
  • Laserprojections


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