11. May 2021

Interaktive Videowalls (almost) Out-of-the-box

In the past, turning video walls interactive usually required additional and rather elaborate installations.
As a rule, touch films, infrared frames or radarouches (also laserouches) are used.
Integration is relatively complex and it usually comes with visual restrictions.

Now there is a solution in which the touch technology is already integrated in the individual display element and can therefore be delivered ready for connection.
This means that only the already fully configured displays need to be mounted and the virtual large display surface brought together - an enormous saving in on-site installation and increased functional reliability.

The individual display element is 55′′ in size, has only a 6mm edge and is suitable for 24/7 operation.
Of course it has a FullHD resolution (1.920×1.080px) and is very bright with 500cd/m2.
Up to 100 simultaneous touches can be processed.

The system is very open in terms of software, HID-capable and can be operated with Windows, MacOS, Linux or Android. Windows 10 is recommended for the videowall mode.

This technical innovation is ideal for interactive presentations, boardrooms, museums, video walls, collaboration scenarios, and maybe for your project requirements.

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